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My Love Affair with Lenovo: Happy Birthday, Lenovo!

November 1, 2016
happy birthday lenovo

It didn’t occur to me that I would have a love affair with a brand. A computer brand. 

I just playfully call it a love affair because.. well, I (unconsciously) feel loyal to Lenovo. Just like any (romantic) relationship, one must always be loyal. 
I didn’t really plan to be loyal to one brand (I am a normal consumer who is open to trying new things and new brands) – but Lenovo does know how to take care of me (and I am not just talking about me, as a blogger or social media influencer). The sad reality in the social media world – bloggers/influencers stay loyal to a brand just because – they get something from the brand. It is a different case for me and Lenovo.

How did my love affair with Lenovo start? 
I am an IBM baby and I professionally grew with a Thinkpad. I fell in love with how durable it is (imagine I used an old T61 until I got upgraded to the more portable one). 
I love that Lenovo connects me with people around the world who are good at what they do – and the Insiders are not just tech people or geeks, but mostly artists, musicians and even foodies! The common thing about us? We use Lenovo to do what we always want to do.
I got my Lenovo Vibe Shot to connect me to the world and social media. I can be pretty abusive of my relationship with my phone. I have dropped the Lenovo Vibe Shot too many times but it didn’t die on me. It even did dive straight to the water but stayed alive the following day. My friends would always get shocked whenever I drop it and I would take it easy and casually say “it is okay, it is Lenovo :D”. 

 I love that it can take care of my needs – more than I need to take care of my gadget. The very reason I don’t want an iPhone or Samsung. :p

I ditched my digital camera when I got a Lenovo Vibe Shot
My Lenovo Yoga 900 is always with me whenever I travel. I love that it is portable, light, thin and can understand my different moods/mode. I brought it with me during a long haul flight and I love the tent mode that allows me to watch my birthday videos during the flight  🙂 It boots up easily allowing me to work even during quick layovers. More importantly, it is stylish and elegant. 
Layover in Malaysia for #TripofWonders
My friends are always surprise with how fast I can write and publish a blog. My little secret? The ShareIt App. The app allows me to transfer photos from my Yoga 900 to my Lenovo Vibe Shot. It saves me time and cord connection. The best deal? It works with iOS and Android. I love it when my friends who use different smart phones like Asus and iPhone suggest to use ShareIt whenever we want to get copies of travel photos. 

Share it! Share it!

I have witnessed how Lenovo innovates products and launches them with colorful events. The Lenovo social media accounts (both in Facebook and Twitter) are few of the wittiest and charming brand accounts I have encountered in social media. I love how Lenovo humanizes the brand. 
Lenovo allows me to do what I always wanted to do. So I also share the love by allowing someone to do his job better with Lenovo. Remember when  I gave away my preloved Yoga Laptop? 
Reg got my preloved Lenovo Yoga 😉 I think it was only 5 months old 😀 
Another reason why I love and I have so much trust with Lenovo products is because of the incident that happened last year after my travel. I experienced the Blue Screen of Death but I was able to recover the file. It appeared that my then Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro prevented the system from starting up and crashing (because my drives are full!) – and just by running a different Operating System, I was able to clean up the files and SAVED ALL MY MEMORIES and PICTURES!
I know, I am not blinded. Just like when you get blinded with love. Lenovo may not be the number one brand – but it lets me do things. I am your typical consumer who is always open to trying what’s new in the market. But for now, I haven’t seen any new laptop or smartphone that I want or need in my life. Ah, maybe the Moto Z 🙂 
Today is Lenovo’s birthday! I want to give a shout out to my Lenovo family! 
Dear Lenovo, thank you for helping me do things that I always want to do. Thank you for connecting me to wonderful people and for letting me see the world. Thank you for bringing innovative products that solve simple life stresses! Cheers! Have a blast!

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