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Travel | Davao Day 4: Back in the City

March 29, 2017
We left Samal Island torn, confused and hopeful that on our last day we would be able to visit Eden Nature Park before we fly back to Manila.

When we arrived back to the city via Roro, we realized 3 things: (1) Eden Nature Park is far from Davao Dormitel (they lovingly adopted us and our luggage during our last day (2) we need a car to get to Eden Nature Park (3) we need to make a reservation ahead of time. 
My dreams of doing the Sky Cycle just came crashing down. It was just for a quick second – and I easily let go. We decided to waste the time in the city and bought pasalubong.
We ate at Jollibee twice that day! Drive-tru and dine-in because Rodel has a little project he needed to shoot. I love the personalized notepads. We visited during Valentine’s Day and you can see, the love is in the air. 
Needed to taste the famouse Aling Foping’s Halo Halo. We planned to see a movie that day but my schedule couldn’t accommodate. They say that movies are much more cheaper in Davao 😀 
I would have wanted to stay with the boys but my flight was scheduled earlier. 
It was one of the most chill travels I took. I flew in solo en route to Manila and I oftentimes wonder how it feels like to really travel alone – when I can decide on my own and do the things I want. But then again, I still want to have someone to share the fun (and misadventures) with and having two boy friends with you is always a good idea. Thank you Rod and Rodel! 

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