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The Avon Panty Store + Why You Should Always Wear Your Best Underwear Everyday

July 20, 2017
Avon Panty Store

The Avon Panty Store
I always wear my best undies everyday, because I wouldn’t know what would happen to me at the end of the day.

 I might end up in a hospital (caught dead wearing a ratty underwear?) or (knock on wood), it might be the last underwear that I would own (it happened to me when our house burnt down a few years ago! I went home to nothing but just the clothes I was wearing ). Or maybe, you might meet your crush. The last time, I met my ultimate crush, Jay Manalo. :p  It is always good to feel sexy and confident inside. 😉

Women on the go should always bring different styles of panties for different occasions. Maybe, men in our lives wouldn’t understand why we need a different bra or underwear for a certain top, skirt or dress. 

Avon Panty Store
I used to order online from imported brand and stores because I want cotton and breathable panties. Thankfully, Avon introduces Avon Panty Store which carries the widest variety of panty collections from classic silhouettes made of 100%cotton to nude semi-seamless pieces and fun printed panties. Avon Fashions is making it easier for Filipinas to find all the intimate pieces they need in one place.The sweet kit they sent is just timely because I was on a back-to-back staycation. 
Avon Panty Store

“When it comes to panties, women should never settle for anything but the best,” shares Jean Reyes, Avon Philippines’ Marketing Director. “And by the best, we mean high- quality pieces that were engineered to meet your specific needs. The problem with finding such items is—more often than not—you need to make multiple trips to differentstores just to find what you’re looking for. And because you’re not allowed to fit panties prior to purchase, there is always that chance of you buying something you’d end up not liking, or not meeting your standards. This is something that we at Avon understand well and that’s why we came up with the Avon Panty Store.”

Avon Fashions prides itself with having affordable yet high-quality intimate pieces that
are specially designed by the company’s own Design and Product Engineering Team to
fit Filipina women. Each piece that they put out in the market goes through a stringent
screening process that includes several fittings and wash test to assure not only comfort
and optimum support, but to also guarantee that they will stand the test of time.
Among the best buys in The Avon Panty Store are: Clara 3-in- 1 100% Cotton Panty
Pack (Php 450), a panty pack that provides optimum comfort and style; Larina 5-in- 1
Midi Panty Pack (Php 575), which is composed of three printed and two solid panties in
fun yet sophisticated colors; Emily 2-in- 1 Midi Panty Pack (Php 345), which uses
microfiber fabric and comes in hipster silhouette to provide you superior comfort and
support minus the revealing lines, and; the all-new Isa 12-in- 1 Panty Pack (Php 875).

Avon Panty Store
Clara 3-in- 1 100% Cotton Panty
Pack (Php 450) 
Avon Panty Store
Emily 2-in- 1 Midi Panty Pack (PhP345)
Avon Panty Store
Isa 12-in- 1 Panty Pack (PhP875)
Avon Panty Store
Avon Panty Store
Larina 5-in- 1 Midi Panty Pack (PhP575)
Avon Panty Store
Promo! Willow 3-in- 1 Breathable LowRise Bikini
Panty Pack (PhP450)
From July 16-31, 2017, you can purchase the Willow 3-in- 1 Breathable LowRise Bikini
Panty Pack for a promo price of Php 450, and the Isa 12-in- 1 Panty Pack for only
Php 825.

The Avon Panty Store collection is available through any Avon Representative today or
via online at
Check out other VIP events here. 

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