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Gava Gives | How to Start a Crowd Funding Campaign & Raise Money from Strangers

July 22, 2017
Gava Gives Fund Raising
Gava Gives | How to Start a Crowd Funding Campaign & Raise Money from Strangers

While traveling makes me feel how small space I occupy in this world, giving makes me feel big about myself.

I oftentimes think that one need not a good job title under his/her name to make a difference in someone’s life. I am fortunate to co-exist in such a giving environment – not because we have more than what we need but because I know what it feels to have nothing. I didn’t grow up with everything that I need in my life.

Last year,  I launched a little project for myself – the #Bloggermail project wherein I send my readers and friends random gifts just to let them know I remember them and to let them experience how it feels like to receive #bloggermail.

I decided to make the project worthwhile by adopting a school in Mindoro and providing school supplies to the kids. I wanted it to be a personal project and dedicated my time and money buying supplies and packing them all. I didn’t want to involve brands and/or seek for donation because I wanted it to be a personal commitment. I am fortunate to have supportive friends with me. 

We oftentimes find ourselves planning to give and donate, but just don’t know where to start. Here’s where Gava Gives comes in. Gava is a crowdfunding platform piloted in the Philippines, enabling others that they may dare to dream, wish, hope, build, create, and live, because we at Gava believe in the power of giving together. 
I attended the launch of Gava Gives and learned more about the fund sourcing platform where one can run a campaign for different causes, organizations and celebrations.   Gava has expanded,
enabling anyone to create campaigns for anything – their wishes, hopes, dreams, passion and life.
Gava Marketing Staff Ria Rabajante, Carla Pena, Marlann Flores, gava CEO Ann Lindayag, and Bb Pilipinas- International 2014 Bianca Guidotti are celebrity ambassadors of Gava.

The vision of the team is for Gava to be top of mind when it comes to celebration of life and helping more people help more people. 

Developed by Gava Tech Pte Ltd, Gava, which everyone can visit thru URL,, enables users to easily create crowd-funding campaigns for various personal events and social causes and to promote these campaigns through social media. Its simple and elegant interface allows users smooth navigation, and the availability of several payment options — both online and offline — makes it easier for contributors to support the campaigns that they want.
How to Start a Crowd Funding Campaign at Gava Gives:
1. Visit and register an account (you can link your Facebook profile to register). 
Gava Gives Philippines Crowd Funding
2. Click Start a Campaign and fill out necessary info. 
Gava Gives Philippines Crowd Funding
3. Add Perks as a reward to donors who would donate more. Check out this Perks from the existing PROJECT AGHAM: by UST College of Science. 

Gava Gives Philippines Crowd Funding

4. Share your campaign and spread love!
The beauty of the Gava Gives is the multiply payment options for donors. You can send donations to Gava Gives via 7-Eleven, Paypal, Globe GCash, Smart Money, Credit card, Payment Centers, Internet Banking, Bancnet Online, Cash or Check Pickup.  Everything is quick, easy and convenient. 
If you wish to donate to some of the organizations and or causes that are close to your heart, here are Gava Gives’ Partner Organizations:

World Vision, Operation Blessing, Save the Children, WWF, CARA, Haribon Foundation, Children’s Hour and Make Your Nanay Proud Foundation
Gava Gives | What You Need to Know
– Signing-up and starting a campaign on Gava is FREE.
– There is no penalty if you don’t raise the total amount. Whatever funds you raise will still get disbursed.
– Create and personalize your campaign page in minutes. Add pictures or videos to make it interesting!
– Offer PERKS or rewards that you can give your Givers as thanks.
– Get tried and tested, result-oriented marketing tips and ideas to make your campaign a success.
– Get instant updates on your campaign’s progress via email and SMS.
– Get any queries answered in seconds via the 24/7/365 web chat window.
– Offer your Givers several modes of payment- cash, cheque and online transactions
– Giving has never been more convenient as people can donate anytime and anywhere.

Gava Gives | How to Start a Crowd Funding Campaign & Raise Money from Strangers
with Ria Rabajante and Gus Villa 

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