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Be a Guest at Your Own Event | Hizon’s Catering

July 13, 2017
Hizon's Catering Blog Review

Be a Guest at Your Own Event| Hizon’s Catering Packages and Services
Almost everyday, I attend events – from product launches, gala nights, anniversaries and even intimate get-togethers. 
I find it funny to complain how much effort and time I put in the preparation – when in fact, I am just always a guest. I can imagine the time and creativity that people dedicate in coming up with an event. 

I had been on that side of the fence. I started early back in College where events planning was part of our Major Subjects and for our finals, we had to come up with a formal dinner function. It was crazy to think and plan for the food, decor, invitation, and all the little details that make the event “extra special” and memorable. 
Last year, I was on the same boat when we planned a Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party. I was lucky to have a very supportive team with me. When I arrived at my party, I just wanted to feel like I am also a guest 🙂 
Being a guest at your own event is what Hizon’s Catering is all about. Since 1989, Hizon’s Catering has been serving baptisms, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, parties, product launches and other different events.  
Hizon's Catering Blog Review
Hizon's Catering Blog Review
Hizon's Catering Wedding Package
Hizon’s Catering is known for its good food.  The secret of Hizon’s Catering is they don’t allow anything instant and flavouring in the kitchen. Everything is made from scratch. 
But aside from catering services, they also provide service and amenities. Amenities refers to little things that may be a cause of big stress – like decor, hotel, entertainment, sound system, etc. 
What Hizon’s Catering does is they take care of these little details. They assign an event planner to every client to coordinate all the details. 

“We don’t mark it up, it’s like an added service. We’re always been known for giving good value” – Catering General Manager, Joseph Hizon. 

Hizon’s Catering can provide services and cater even outside Metro Manila, like Subic, Batangas and Rizal. 
Just last July 12th, we got to attend 4 different event themes by Hizon’s Catering at the Oasis Manila. 
A different party on each corner of the Oasis Manila’s Pavilion, complete with set-up and food. 
The Kiddie Party

Hizon's Catering Kids Party
Hizon's Catering Kids Party

It is my favorite corner with its colorful theme and sophisticated version of the kiddie meals that we grew up with. I am craving just by typing this!
Cocktail Party + Awards Night

The Awards Night corner was all glam and fabulous complete with red carpet and fancy hor d’oeuvres passed around during the event. 

Hizon's Catering Wedding Packages
Hizon's Catering Wedding Packages
Hizon's Catering Wedding Packages
Hizon's Catering Wedding Packages
Hizon's Catering Wedding Packages
Business Meeting & Seminar
For corporate seminar corner, there’s a breakfast buffet and omelette station. It really feels like having the meeting at the hotel. 
Hizon's Catering Wedding Packages
Hizon's Catering Wedding Packages
We kind of felt like we gatecrashed an event with real-life couple joining the bloggers event. I love the forma set-up complete with flowers, centerpieces, cake and the whole wedding ceremony. 
Hizon's Catering Wedding Packages
Hizon's Catering Wedding Packages
Hizon's Catering Wedding Packages
I took the bouquet ceremony too seriously (for the prize!). In real life wedding receptions, I usually go out before they even call the single ladies. 😀 
All food served during the event were prepared by Chef Simon Dayrit, with event styling by Drew Menor and planning led by Chesika Pineda. 
Attending this special bloggers’ event by Hizon’s Catering is more like attending a real event catered by Hizon’s – good food, great service and memorable.
Hizon's Catering Wedding Packages
Practicing Pre-nup? 😉
If you want to be a guest at your own event, call Hizon’s Catering or visit to check out the Hizon’s Catering Wedding Packages.  

Hizon’s Catering Contact Number

+63 (2) 925-0103
+63 (2) 925-0107
For weddings, debut, private party and other personal events, please contact:
+639065106947 (Globe)
+639284886260 (Smart)
For corporate inquiries, you may contact the following numbers:
+639065106944 (Globe)
+639284886230 (Smart)
[email protected]

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