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Order Organic Food & Healthy Snacks Online via honestbee

January 24, 2019
honestbee organic food
I hear you. We all wanted to stay focused on our fitness and wellness goals, however, the most challenging part of the journey is finding healthy food which is readily available (online).

Thankfully, honestbee, my favorite online concierge and delivery service now brings healthy products right at our doorstep. I am excited to learn about these local brands that offer really interesting organic food and healthy snacks (that even come in really cute packaging!).
honestbee organic food
honestbee organic food
honestbee organic food
honestbee organic food
honestbee just recently launched Organic, Fresh and Healthy category with a selection of best merchants offering nutritious, healthy and organic products. This gives consumers easier and faster access to wholesome food choices. I think it is also great for new brands to get exposure and reach their right audience. 
During the launch of the new honestbee selection which was held in YogaHive in Makati, we got to take part in a 30-minute Yoga Session. 
I do Yoga and ModelFit workout if I have extra time in the morning, but I like joining classes because it is more guided and motivating to know you are progressing and following the correct form. 
honestbee organic food
There was also a Meal Planning Session conducted during the event and a very informative discussion about nutrition and wellness. I learned that I am somehow doing “wellness and fitness” right. Haha. Here are Tim Nutrition’s tips for good health:
Small purposeful exercise to start the day
80-20 rule for eating (80% healthy stuff 20% indulgence)
Be active throughout the day
Strength training a couple of times a week
I was so happy to see Marga Banaga who also shared her journey in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She made a vlog about her journey that went viral. It was the first time we saw her after she lost weight and @anagon and I couldn’t help but look and admire her. 
honestbee organic food
She is good reminder that it really takes discipline and consistency to reach a goal. You really have to want it!
Here are some of the brands and products you can buy online via honestbee:
honestbee organic food
Hearty Bread
Islands Juice
Oh So Healthy Chips
Green Giant Salad
Oscar’s Deli
Sugar Free Bakery
Raw Bites
Basilur Tea
Kabilon Farms/Paradise Blends
honestbee organic food
Ready to shop?
Download honestbee via Google Play or Apple App Store.
Here I am receiving wellness and fitness notification 😉

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