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So I Tried Beer and Cheese: Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide

June 6, 2019

So I Tried Beer and Cheese: Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide

If you think that wine and cheese seems a little intimidating, let me invite you to a delightful experience of beer and cheese pairing. 

Real California Milk flew us from Manila to Boracay, Island to learn more about this new food trend and pairing, Before we get lost in the beautiful photos of the paradise, that is Boracay, let’s head on first to know more about Real California Milk and Real California Cheese. 

 Disclaimer: I am not a regular beer drinker. If you have been following me for a while, you know that I only consume water, watermelon shake and rootbeer.  😀 I have tried different beers because of my course, but I only consume beer on rare occasion such as educational purposes. 
The California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) an instrumentality of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, exist to spread the word about the extraordinary dairy products made with Real California Milk – from farmers, cows, and land – these all have stories and make California milk so special. I have tried some of the products from Real California Milk and they are all good! I must say, premium and superior in quality and standards! 
California is the number one milk producer in the US, with 40% dairy exports are from this state (and the good news, more and more Real California Milk products will soon be available in the country!). 

Real California Milk Products Philippines
Real California Milk Products Philippines
Real California Milk Products Philippines
First dibs on new Real California Milk Products that will soon be available in the Philippines!

Fluid milk in California Milk contains more protein, calcium and nutrients than milk that meets federal standards. 
Aside from being the largest milk producer for more than 20 years, California is also the number 1 producer of butter, ice cream, nonfat dairy milk and whey protein concentrate – and the second largest cheese and yogurt producer. What makes it special is that producers are dairy families (99%  are family owned!) and such created 189,000 jobs from state’s milk production and processing.

California milk is one of the most sustainable nutrient-rich foods consumers can purchase because there is so little waste in the production process. There is a continued recycling and reclamation of water on dairies. 
Now that we have learned all the good things about Real California Milk, we can now smile – and say, Cheese!

About Cheese
The evolution of cheese dates back 5,000 years to the time when people learned to preserve naturally curdled milk by draining off the watery whey, then salting the curds to flavor and preserve them (we actually tried cooking cheese! More on that on the next blog!)

Cheese comes in different sizes, shapes, and texture. 
There are fresh, soft, semi-hard, very hard and Hispanic style cheeses. 

 Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide
 Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide

 Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide

Beer and Cheese Pairing

When we talk about cheese, wine always comes to mind, but drinks like beer, lager and ales are also classic companions of the California’s wide variety of cheeses!

Learned a lot from Mark (the cheese dude!). He is really cool,  and I love his humor and wisdom!

 Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide

 Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide

 Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide
 Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide
Here are the Beer and Cheese Pairings we tried:
Marin French Triple Creme Brie + Engkanto Pale Ale
Rogue Creamery Chocolate Stout + Kalinga Kolsch
Marin French Breakfast Cheese + Lapu Lapu Lager
Rogue Creamery Rosemary Cheddar + Fish Rider Pale Ale
Point Reyes Toma + Dumaguete Dubble
Fiscalini Bandaged Wrapped Cheese + Dark Hat Porter
Vela Dry Jack + Cerveza Sagada Saison
Point Reyes Original Blue + Exit Wounds IPA
Before we started pairing, we were taught how to appreciate each cheese and beer by sniffing the flavors. For cheese, you have to break the cheese open and sniff it. For beer, you have to swirl it close to your nose and stick your nose right in the glass. 
Each of the cheese and beer that we tried have a different flavor but interestingly, when you pair them together, they give a different flavor and finish. Some give a more crass flavor, while others give a creamier finish.

 Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide

My favorite would have to be the Fiscalini Bandaged Wrapped Cheese + Dark Hat Porter pairing. The beer gives a coffee flavor that smells like an espresso, yet when you pair it with the cheese, the flavor is more pronounced, creamy and lasting. 

 Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide

I highly suggest that you try the Beer and Cheese pairing with your friends. It is less intimidating and more enjoyable to drink. 

Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide
I am sharing with you guys some tips on the Beer and Cheese Pairing:
1. Choose beer and cheese varieties that can stand up to one another’s flavor profile and strengths – they should be complementary, not compete or mask the flavors that make them unique. Example, an aged Blue Cheese that is nutty and creamy is best paired with a malty sweet barley wine-styled beer. 
2. There are 250 varieties of Real California Milk – go and explore for new taste of adventure. Just make sure that you look for the seal of Real California Milk. 
3. You might to start with local beers to also help local businesses!
4. Make sure that you try to eat the cheese and taste the beer first (before pairing them) to fully appreciate the new pairing flavor. 
Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide
I am also sharing this Beer and Cheese Guide from #RealCaliforniaMilk

Wheat Beer
Amber Ale, Helles
Brown Ale, Amber
Baby Swiss
Octoberfest, Ale
Bakers Cheese
Wheat Beer, Fruit
Basket Cheese
Wheat Beer
Porter, Stouts, Barley Wines
Steam Beer
Saison-Style Ales, Kolsch
Pale Ale
Cheddar (sharp)
Stout, Porter, Black Ale
Red Ale, Brown Ale
Colby Jack
Pilsner, Pale Ale
Wheat Beer
Cottage Cheese
Imperial Stout, Black Lager
Cream Cheese
Wheat Beer
Amber Ale, Helles
Dry Jack
Brown Ale, Amber Ale
Octoberfest, Ales
Wheat Beer, Fruit
Fresh Mozzarella
Wheat Beer, Pilsner
Fromage Blanc
Imperial Scout, Black Lager
Crisp Pilsner
Porter-Light, Brown Ale
Porter,, Stout, Fruit Beers
Monterey Jack
Medium Pilsner
Belgian Ales, Crisp Pilsners
Wheat Beer, Pilsners
Wheat Beer, Pilsners
Port Sault
Pale Ale
Pilsner, Pale Ale
Queso Blanco
Light Pilsner
Belgian, Fruit Lambic
Pale Ale
Amber Ale
Wheat Beer
Amber, Red Ale
Smoked Cheesies
Raunch Bier (Smoked Beers)
St. George
Marzen, Octoberfest
Lagers, Marzen, Octoberfest
Wheat Beer, American Pilsner
White Cheddar
Pilsner, Pale Ale

Have you tried beer and cheese pairing? Let me know which pairs are your favorite. 
 Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide
On the next blog, I will share stories about Cheese Plating and Homemade Butter and Cheese-making.  Keep following!!!
Real California Milk and Real California Cheese are available at the following, don’t forget to look for the seal! 

S&R Membership Shopping
Royal Duty Free
Landers Superstore
SM Hypermarket
Merkado/PureGold Price Club
Cash & Carry
Rustan’s Supermarket
Robinson’s Supermarket
Unimart Supermarket
SM Supermarket
Makati Supermarket
Landmark Supermarket

*Special thanks to Real California Milk for having me at the #CaCheeseMeetsBeer event!

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