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Life Skill: Getting Things Done – We Need Discipline, Not Motivation #BestEverLife

June 28, 2019
Life Skill: Getting Things Done - We Need Discipline, Not Motivation #BestEverLife
Life Skill: Getting Things Done – We Need Discipline, Not Motivation #BestEverLife 

My first job as a barista required me to wash dishes – manually. And I am proud to say that I am willing to do the same task if I would apply for a job that would require me to do it. I love looking back at how I have grown and developed as a person.

Just a few nights ago, I was telling my friend how every milestone, challenges and failures in my life helped me become a better person. I think this is now Ruth 4.0. 😀 I realized that I was not the best manager back when I was given a chance to lead, and I was not the best employee during my first days of my job.  My friends would always say that I am blessed to get the best opportunities (favorite nga daw ako ni God 😉)  But I was definitely not the best blogger when I first started posting blogs. Two things I try to keep: the best attitude and a good heart. 
Now that I am working freelance, the challenge is to get things done based on my own timeline (because I no longer have an upline manager to report to). There are no longer one-on-one coachings, or yearly assessment. Everyday life is my new mentor. The reality is that, people would not always feel motivated and inspired. And although self-care is always a priority, we still have to keep a high level of commitment to our clients (that’s one of the valuable things I learned from the Big Blue). 💙
I learned that we don’t always need motivation; we need discipline. Discipline to wake up early and start our day. Discipline to not eat junk food, and consume only healthier food. Discipline to finish the task and continuously grow. Having the discipline is one of the greatest challenge everyday, not finding inspiration. 
Aside from discipline, we also need to equip ourselves with the right skills and materials to do our job well. 
Take for example, washing dishes. It is a tedious job and requires dexterity. At home, we only use the Best Ever Joy. I love that with just one drop (that we even dilute in water), I can finish washing plates, glasses, pots and pans (truth be told, I hate it when we had Kare-kare and Mechado!). Some dishes are very greasy, but the Best Ever Joy helps in removing stains, grease and oil quickly with just one swipe –  which is very helpful especially with the recent water interruption. 😢🚰

Best Ever Life

With the launch of its new and best ever formulation, Joy, the leading dishwashing liquid in the
Philippines, doubled its famous old record of number of plates washed with a single bottle. From
8,750 plates 20 years ago, 17,500 plates were cleaned with just one single 495 ml bottle of the
new Best Ever Joy – covering the entire length of the San Juanico bridge and back!

#BestEverLife  Joy Dishwashing Liquid San Juanico Bridge

Joy celebrated this momentous occasion through the nationwide #BestEverLife Salu-Salo. The
celebration first started on June 23, 2019, near the San Juanico Bridge. Joy celebrity endorser
Michael V. was on site in San Juanico Bridge to lay down the 17,500 plates. Guest of Honor
Mayor Elect Alfred Romualdez congratulated Joy on the launch of its new and improved
product. The event was filled with scrumptious regional cuisines and delicacies, and featured
festive song and dance performances by regional prides such as The Prodigals, Remo Tribe
and the Rondayan. The same celebration was also held in Manila at Plaza Ibarra.

In both events, Joy also extended the celebration of the Best Ever Life beyond the attendees of
both events. Joy committed to support 1 months’ worth of meals each for the SOS Children’s
Village Alabang and Tacloban as part of helping children to live their best lives every day. They
will also be donating the thousands of plates washed with Joy lining the bridge to SOS and
other organizations that support the feeding and nutrition of children around the Visayas and

Best Ever Life
I know it is funny that I think of all these things about self-improvement when I am washing the dishes. But as usual, I hope you find this post helpful.

No matter how hard/challenging your work is now (even if it means washing 17,000 plates!), as long as you keep your integrity, you are doing the right thing.

Keep striving. 1% progress is still a progress.  💪

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