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10 Productive Things to Do at Home During Community Quarantine

March 15, 2020
10 Productive Things to Do at Home During Community Quarantine

10 Productive Things to Do at Home During Community Quarantine

Smiling in front of the laptop now thinking of my younger days when I would always find reasons to go out. Now that I am older, I love staying home. But staying home doesn’t mean doing nothing. I have learned the art of doing nothing – but how I spend my free time plays a big part of who I am. 

It is Day 1 2 of the Community Quarantine / Lockdown in Metro Manila to help  “flatten the curve” of the Coronavirus Pandemic. If you find yourself feeling bored and clueless what to do at home to stay productive, I am sharing with you my list so you will have an idea and inspiration. 

1. Declutter. It is always on my to-do list (because I am always decluttering) and it has become part of my system. I love re-visiting my stuff and decluttering/throwing away items I no longer use. For Community Quarantine, I am planning to declutter my digital files and inbox. 
2. Send gifts to my friends. Whenever I am out and see something that reminds me of my friend, I buy them. The problem is, I don’t get the time to send them out. Now I have the time to sort these gifts, wrap them, add a nice note and send them (once we are all BAU).  This will also address my number 1. 
3. Take Care of the Plants. This is the best time to make this part of my daily habit and system. I guess, 1 month at home is enough time to make this part of my daily routine –  to water and talk to them. 
4. Finish Books I Bought and Haven’t Read. I have a couple of books I bought and I received as gifts that I need to finish. I promise myself to balance time and read a few pages every day.  Have you guys seen my Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Vlog?

5. Learn a New Hobby.  Hobbies help you to become a more well-rounded person, and eventually, they often turn into helpful life skills, long-term passions, and even careers. I still cannot believe that my blogging turned into a career! I am still thinking about what new skills/hobbies to learn. Any suggestions?

6. Re-visit Old Hobbies. Thinking of going back to old loves – accessory-making, baking, cross-stitching, decoupaging. 
7. Finish my Travel Backlogs. I still have a lot of personal travels that I have yet to share on this blog. Keep following. Read my travels and adventures here. 
8. Update My Social Media Profiles. I keep on telling my friends that I need to update my profile photo just in case something happens to me and the media needs a photo to go with their headline, I would have a decent photo to broadcast on Live TV. It is ironic that for someone who does a lot of social media interactions for a living, I only update my profile pic once every 3 years. I should do it now. Haha. 
9. Stick to My Fitness Plans. Okay, this is a hard one because when you are at home, you feel hungry ALWAYS. And food access is so easy. I need to remind myself that staying fit and healthy is one of the best ways to boost the immune system. We are not home for a vacation after all. 
10 Make my “When I Die” File. I want to save my family the burden of deciding what to do with the things I would leave behind when I pass away, and who to contact to close several projects/contracts. It is always good to be prepared. I do not own a lot. Don’t get me wrong. I only have a few things that are of value – like my camera, laptop and fun stories published on this blog.

10 Productive Things to Do at Home During Community Quarantine

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More importantly, spend time with people who are important to you – be it online or offline. It makes a lot of difference.
Keep safe, stay vigilant. We can do this. 

What are you guys planning to do to stay productive in this Community Quarantine?

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