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Healthy Food to Add on Your Grocery List During Quarantine

March 25, 2020
ruth dela cruz
Healthy Food to Add on Your Grocery List During Quarantine
 It is weird to be feeling always hungry now that we are on community quarantine and need to save all the food and resources that we have at home.
It sounds like a dream to be snacking on chocolates and Cheetos the whole day while we watch our favorite Netflix series (btw, what are you guys watching now?), or taking in a conference call while working from home in your pajamas (I always buy my pajama sets from Uniqlo).

It is important to still look decent and cute when zombies attack 
and you need to run Haha

I believe that it is okay to indulge, but practice self-regulation.

Applying the learnings from different food events and campaigns I got to participate in, and sharing with you some helpful tips. 

Healthy Food to Eat During Quarantine
Here are some healthy food you should stock up on and add on your grocery list during self-quarantine and lockdown. 

PS. make sure you have your quarantine pass before heading out
Beans and Pulses: First, we need to consider shelf-life for the goods that we stock at home. Ever wondered why they always include a can of Pork & Beans in the relief goods pack? Canned and dried beans have a shelf life of 2 to 3 years. Plant-based food is a good source of protein and rich in vitamins. You can buy chickpeas (garbanzo), munggo, and kidney beans in local market and groceries. 
Healthy Food to Add on Your Grocery List During Quarantine
Oats: A very versatile food that you can eat any time of the day – not just for breakfast. You can make rice porridge or champorado for snack, too. Some brands even offer easy-to-cook oatmeals that you only need to put in hot water. It is a very good source of fiber – that helps in keeping a healthy tummy. Oats can last up to 1 year or 2 years (when sealed). We love Quaker Oats
healthy food list quarantine
Canned Tuna and Packed Fish Products Tuna is rich with omega 3 and selenium contents that is good for cell and tissue repair, maintaining heart health and may decrease risk of cardiovascular-related diseases. I love Century Tuna Hot & Spicy.

healthy food list quarantine
While packed fish products are good alternatives for red meat. You no longer need to clean and prepare (most packed products are cleaned and seasoned) that help save water resources. We love Sea King products that even carry boneless bangus, keta salmon, calamari and other fish products. 
Egg. Eggs can be eaten as it is, or as an additional ingredient to a new recipe. I read it is a good source of high-quality protein that aids weight loss. My mom always prepares boiled egg whenever we lack sleep and need an extra energy boost.
Fruits and Vegetables. I went to the wet market the other day, and I was surprised to see really good vegetables at lower prices (well, except for my favorite morning food – bananas). If you ever get a chance to go to the market, buy fresh fruits and vegetables (and help local farmers). Prepare and cook them first to avoid spoilage. 
healthy food list quarantine
If you don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, you can buy canned fruits like sliced pineapples, prunes, or peaches. You can even prepare Pickled Mangoes (Burong Mangga) to eat for the coming months.
Milk, Coffee and Fresh Juices. It is time to take a break from your favorite designer coffee (but hey, you can also make your own Dalgona Coffee at home) and just enjoy a good brew at home.  Add a carton of fresh milk in your list (you can enjoy as is, or mix with your coffee).  Don’t go for instant drinks or mixes that are too sweet or sugary.  Go for freshly – squeezed lemons or fruit juices. 
healthy food list quarantine
Some of the “good snacks” you can keep at home – popcorn (or Pop Corners!), gummy bears / candies, and nuts. I am guilty that I also added potato chips in my cart.

I also make sure that I drink Yakult everyday, or Yogurt.

If you have babies at home (we have a 10-month old), we introduced him to mashed sweet potatoes, potatoes and squash as a healthier substitute for baby food. 
In the perfect world, we could dream of a nice spread of healthy meals every day, But we would all find ourselves reaching for our favorite pancit canton instant noodles (I also love Yumyum Tom Yum) and canned / processed meat (SPAM for me!). Just make sure that you pair them with healthier options. At home, we always pair canned goods / processed meat with blanched veggies. 
Finding balance in nutrition (and finances) is essential in surviving the quarantine period. 
How do you guys stay healthy during a pandemic? 
I would love to read your comments. 
I hope you guys find it helpful. 
Keep safe and healthy. 

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