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Teleserv Gives Fast Service and Fast & the Furious 5 Movie Screening (Bloggers Edition)

May 7, 2011

Exactly one year ago, we were in Macau exploring the great city, culture and amazing shops. That was when my new passport got stamped for the second time (as we came from Hong Kong to enter Macau). Three weeks before we flew to Hong Kong, I was worried that  I wouldn’t be able to get my passport renewed, but I did and I got to see Mickey Mouse and other Disney Friends.

I was very impressed with the DFA service then. (finally the government is using the taxes I am  paying each month to better improve the service) But, surprise! Surprise! Only last Wednesday night I found out that it was Teleserv which was behind that smooth service and helped me in securing my new passport – from the appointment to delivery.

Teleserv treated bloggers to a Movie Night and Screening of the Fast and the Furious 5 in Gateway Mall Cinema.

Teleserv is the premier citizen service provider in the country. Imagine the typical scenario in a government office – long lines, loud impatient people, offices in boiling hot temperature while you hold on to your documents (and wallet), praying that you make it to the desk before lunch break (or before 5pm), so you could secure a copy of Birth Certificate or have your photo taken for that new passport. Lucky if you can get the document on the same day, but most of the time, you would be given a stub with the window number where to claim your precious print. Teleserv gave us light. You can get a copy of your NSO Birth Certificate (or even Death Certificate), POEA Balik Manggagawa for your relatives; and even schedule an appointment in DFA using the Passport Appointment System.

All you need to do is to dial the numbers below:

I personally experienced how accommodating their staff is when I asked for a schedule in the DFA for passport renewal. The representative who assisted my call was kind enough to double check the schedules and informed me that a slot has opened on an earlier date – and because of that call, I was able to renew my passport before my flight. See related blog here.

So I am not surprised when we received a very special treatment during the Movie Night – from registration until the end of the movie, they were all very pleasant and thankful. It is true that the management’s aura radiates to the staff and people working for Teleserv. One even saw me in the washroom after the movie, and she was so pleasant in congratulating me (yes, I won a DVD player!!). I am lucky that my experiences with all the previous blog events were always pleasant.

At the registration

The Movie Screening doubled as a blog eyeball/reunion for the bloggers. It was such a fun night with all the cameras flashing from Teleserv team and bloggers too – which started at the registration, introduction of Teleserv (which is short and witty!) and the raffle.

Like a true movie date – we got iced tea, popcorn (Goldilocks) and burger from Wendy’s!

Time to introduce Teleserv!

S’Raffy, Director for Marketing shared why Fast and the Furious 5?
He said that Teleserv also commits to FAST service (and I guess, never FURIOUS? ;))

Winners of Solar Chargers

Then, it is time to see the reel deal.

OMG! F#)%*!! If not laughing, those are the only words that came out of my mouth. The movie is action-packed, full of chases and escapes. It is funny, sweet and touching – the type that would make you say “yiheeeee…” and “aaaawww…” I love the prequels, but I love the Fast 5 more. [SPOILER HERE!]I just wonder if I can also run, jump, and drive when I get pregnant?[END]

It was indeed a fun night. Thank you Teleserv for the movie treat and (prize). But most importantly, thank you for making our lives easier with the service that you are providing.

Please check out for other services.

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