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The Tenya Philippines Tempura Experience

May 11, 2015
Japanese Food was once in my bottom list of favorite cuisines. That was some years ago, when the only Japanese restaurants I know only serves raw fish and sushi. Thankfully, Filipinos love for food and cultural exchanges brought us more choices when it comes to dining and enjoying different cuisines.
The arrival of specialty Japanese restaurants swayed my preferences little by little. Starting off with Ramen, Tonkatsu and Curry Houses. Last week, I got to experience a different Japanese and Tempura indulgence at the first Japanese Tempura Restaurant in the Philippines. Bow your heads and say hello to Tenya!
Tenya is from the same group which brought us Rack’s. The Japanese franchise specializes in Tendon and Tempura. Interesting thing I have learned from my visit at Tenya – in Japan, there are different specialty Japanese restaurants. It could be a Ramen, Curry, Tonkatsu or Tempura House. In the Philippines, we could have a taste of the famous Tempura house through Tenya. 

The store’s ambiance is simple and very straight-forward. There are comfortable couches and seats – and a well-maintained washroom inside the store. 🙂
Now, what’s for eats? We were so overwhelmed with the variety of tempura available for us to order. We started the tempura journey with appetizers. I recommend – Isobe Cheese Php 185 (cheddar cheese wrapped in roasted seaweed, tempura fried). This is for the lovers of cheese (I am!) and seaweed (I am a convert! thank you to my friend Diane!)
These perfect scoops are Potato Salad Php 115.
The Japanese style salad is smooth and well-blended. 
Now here are the main attractions.. TEMPURA!!!
I have decided on the All-Star Tempura Basket Php 455
It comes with black tiger prawn, squid, salmon, kani stick, small kakiage, green beans and mushroom. The set is also complete with cold noodles and garnishings

The #NogNogintheCity had the same with hot noodles

 #MommyWrites’ meal is All-Star Tempura Basket Php 350 (without noodles)
Customers can also order rice toppings and choose from different Tempura Baskets
Here’s a little guide for you on Tempura-Tendon Creations:
  • Tendon: delicious ensemble of battered deep-fried seafood (black tiger prawn, squid, kisu) and vegetables laid over a bed of steaming Japanese rice drizzled with Tenya’s signature Dontare Sauce. 
  • Asakusa Special Tendon: Big succulent black tiger prawns and green beans, battered and deep-fried to perfection with a hint of Tenya’s signature Dontare sauce, served on top of steaming Japanese rice. 
  • Jo Tendon: a flavorful mix of delicious black tiger prawns, kani stick, green beans, sweet potato and eggplant on to of Japanese rice with Dontare sauce.
  • All-Star Tendon: a bowl of tiger prawns, squid, salmon, kani stick, green beans and mushrooms with Japanese rice and Dontare Sauce.
  • Kakiage Tendon: tempura mix of shrimp and white onions and celery served with authentic Japanese rice.
  • Chicken Mayo Tendon: big cuts of chicken fillet, green beans, corn kernels with Japanese mayo and rice.
  • Kisu Tendon: a mix of kisu and kakiage with green beans with Japanese rice.
  • Buta Kimuchi Tendon: 3 big slices of perfectly cooked pork belly served with Japanese Kimuchi and Japanese rice.

Speaking of the signature Donatare’s sauce.. here’s the special mix that goes well with your Tempura and Tendon. It is thick and much-more flavorful!

I was so full that night and I couldn’t finish my plate. You know that feeling when your mouth still love to eat but your stomach simply refuses. When ordering something as big as what I had, I recommend bringing someone to share it with you. 
For dessert, we had these Fruity Juicy Pops! We had different flavors – Orange Vanilla, Coconut Lychee, Lite Citrus and Strawberry. I love the Lite Citrus that is reminiscent of the sherbet that they serve in between courses to wash off that fishy after-taste. It is refreshing and perfect for sweet moments like the one below 🙂
with #PaulthePRGuy , the #AppleofmyRightEye
We are happy diners ala-Familia Zaragoza!

4th Floor, Bldg A. SM Megamall

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