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Current Faves | Beauty Kits, Weird Ice Cream Flavors & Healthy Snacks

September 22, 2017
Sperry Jaws Collection
Current Faves | Beauty Kits, Weird Ice Cream Flavors & Healthy Snacks 

So many good stories and products to share, so little time. Finally! It is Friday and decided to just stay home. I missed my room (no, serious! I did!).  Got the time to sit down and unbox the #bloggermails that were sent at home.

I always get teased that it always feels like my birthday every time I unbox each press kit. I think the best part is getting the first dibs on what’s new from my favorite brands and receiving personalized gifts from them. 
Here are my favorites!

pradera verde friends
Yes they are!
Gus Villa, Rod Magaru, Edward Santos, MJ de Leon, Rodel Flordeliz

Avon True Nutra Effects
It was funny to think that during our #RuNagon travel in Myanmar, @anagon and I tend to forget our skin care routine because we were always on the go. It is good to come home with this set from Avon. 

avon natra effects
avon natra effects
avon natra effects
In line with the commitment to create products that are easier for every woman to feel and look beautiful everyday, Avon adds to the list of “beautiful promises kept” the Avon True Nutra Effects. 
The Avon True Nutra Effects focuses on skin concerns of Filipinas – Mattifying and Hydra-Boost. It has a power of Active Seed Complex with Chia Seeds which is active with Omega-3, antioxidants and oil-absorbing properties. 
I am excited with the MATTIFYING line which is perfect for my combination skin. It helps in reducing sine and balance complexion for up to 12 hours. The complete line is composed of Cleanser, Toner and Gel Cream. I love that it is clinically safe, free of parabens, pythalates and synthetic dyes. 

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks

Girls can never have enough lipsticks! I was beyond excited and ecstatic to receive this gift from (again) Avon!!! 

avon matte lipsticks

avon matte lipsticks

I rarely wear matte lipsticks because my lips easily dry out but I love the that these Avon True Perfectly Matte Lipsticks promise to give 100% matte finish that won’t flake. I love that there is a shade for every Filipina skin tone!

 Morgan Taylor & Gelish Selfie Collection
Due to crazy traffic and unreasonable Uber surges, I try to do as much work at home – and that includes pampering and mani-pedi. I usually do my nails at home (except for the time I need to kill time at the mall or when I need to have nice nails for weeks – in such case, I go for Gel Polish).

morgan taylor selfie collection

morgan taylor selfie collection

I love Morgan Taylor nail polish collections (do you guys remember the Beauty & Beast Nail Polish Collection?). I could wear the same shades forever but for the funkier and more playful days – the new Selfie Collection is just perfect – selfie or not!
Inspired by Instagram-worthy moments, officials from Nail Harmony (creators of Gelish and Morgan Taylor) shares that the polishes included in the Limited Edition Selfie Collection are meant to look especially stunning when photographed.  It is composed of six beautiful shades with either a creamy or neon finish.
Choose from the following shades!
1. No Filter Needed (blue neon)
2. Me, Myself-ie, and I (coral neon shimmer)
3. Best Face Forward (purple neon
4. All About the Pout (creamy light coral shade)
5. Woke Up This Way (electric fuchsia neon)
6. Pretty as a Pink-ture (pink neon shade)
Get them in Gel or Nail Polish at Beauty & Butter and other leading nail salons!
PS. I got my @gelish polish from Razor Sports in Robinsons Galleria! After 2 weeks, it is still looking pretty! 
Vita Soy #RealGoodVitasoy #CelebrateReal
I try to stay away from milk whenever I travel but en route to Yangon, Myanmar, I brought Vita Soy in Coffee flavor to help me stay healthy and alert during our layover in Changi Airport.

vitasoy coffee
vitasoy coffee

Vita Soy is the number 1 soy milk brand in Hong Kong, China, Australia and New Zealand. The classic soy milk is low in saturated fat, lactose-free, cholesterol-free and packed with protein. It comes with 3 flavors which is perfect for those who don’t like the taste of milk (me!): Coffee, Original and Chocolate. 

 Magic Crackers + Magic Crackers Mobile App! 

My mom always buys Magic Crackers so you could imagine how happy she was when the box of assorted Magic Crackers arrived at home 🙂

I especially love the Magic Crackers in Cheese Flavor and the Magic Chips in Sour Cream & Onion! They taste like Ritz Crackers! I brought some packs during our weekend in Pradera Verde and recent travel to Yangon, Myanmar (that saved us during the night bus travel).

magic crackers app
magic crackers app
Rod Magaru, Ruth dela Cruz and Rodel Flordeliz
Interestingly, Magic Crackers recently launched a mobile app wherein you can play games, get the latest news about Magic Crackers and even win prizes. 
True Tea Iced Tea
If I can make a bar list, I would only include 3 drinks in my list – water, root beer and watermelon shake. Or maybe, I can add True Tea Iced Tea as it is a healthier iced tea option (one without a guilt!). 
True Tea’s natural sweetener is Stevia. We all learned about Stevia during our Organic Farm Tours. It is a recommended sweetener for those with diabetes.  What makes it more beneficial to one’s health is that it hass no cholesterol and sodium content; but rich in Vitamin C. 
I immediately prepared True Tea Iced Tea after our exhausting Wakeboarding Experience at Pradera Verde. It was so refreshing – without the guilt. 

Freezer Burn Curly Fries with Ketchup Mayo Ice Cream

What is the weirdest ice cream flavor that you have tasted? I recently tried the Freezer Burn’s Ketchup Mayo Ice Cream served with Curly Fries. I find it weird at first but I didn’t notice that I have finished the scoop! I just wish @freezerburnph will serve more fries 😉 

freezer burn ketchup mayo
freezer burn cookies and junk food
We also tried the Cookies and Junk Food Ice Cream Flavor which is surprisingly good too. 
Visit Freezer Burn at the Bonifacio High Street for some deliciously wicked ice cream flavors.
What are your current faves?
Check out my Recent Favorites. 

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