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Akrotiri Modern Eurasian Restaurant in Commerce Center Alabang

June 9, 2018
Akrotiri Restaurant Commercenter Alabang
Akrotiri Modern Eurasian Restaurant in Commerce Center Alabang 
Greece is my current favorite country. I had an awesome time in Greece where we also welcomed the new year. I feel in love with the beautiful sights of seas, old buildings, funky alleys and pastel buildings. I had a great shopping adventure in Ermou Street. I love the gods the goddesses, and the Greek people (they seem friendly to tourists). I love the food so much that  I wouldn’t feel punished to eat salads 24/7. There is no restaurant that we tried that we didn’t like. 

Akrotiri Restaurant Commercenter Alabang
When we went back to Manila, I sorely missed the generous servings of salads in the restaurants. There are only a few good Mediterranean restaurants in Manila. Down South of Metro Manila, there is a new Modern Euroasian Cuisine Restaurant that reflects  the  Mediterranean  flavors of  Greek,  Italian,  and  Spanish cuisines and localized  the  taste  to  create  a  new  flavor. Welcome to Akrotiri. 

Akrotiri is located in Commercenter Alabang. 
If you are coming from Manila or any point in Manila, you can take the P2P Bus from Greenbelt 1 to Alabang Town Center. From the drop off point, t is a 14-minute walk per google maps. 

We got to try some of Akrotiri’sbest-sellers (there are a lot in the menu!) – but we are saving the rest of the good food for our next visit (nevermind that it is located n Alabang). 
Note that the food photos below are taken from the VIP Night. Actual plate and sizing may be different. 
Akrotiri Restaurant Commercenter Alabang
Squid Stuffed with Feta Foam Php 550
It is a challenge to cook squid, but this one is chewy and seasoned perfectly. 
Akrotiri Restaurant Commercenter Alabang
Watermelon Salad, Feta cheese, Lettuce, Walnuts, Balsamic Dressing Php 350
I love everything in this salad! 
Akrotiri Restaurant Commercenter Alabang
Wagyu Skirt Steak with Spicy Chili Jam, Roasted Vegetables, Paprika Alioli Php 900
The wagyu beef is just perfect and I love the spread of colorful veggies

We had a pleasure to meet the General Manager of Akrotiri, David Jones who pleasantly offered and mixed a house specialty cocktail for me – 
Cocktail with Chili Akrotiri Restaurant Commercenter Alabang
Gin and Tonic with Chili Peppers (why not?)
Cocktail with Chili Akrotiri Restaurant Commercenter Alabang
Cocktails with peppers? That sounds silly (sili)!
He said that the beauty (or demon?) of its drink is that if I drink it slowly, the flavors of chili would be strongly infused in the cocktail. 
It turned out to be really smooth to drink. It gives a little warmth inside though. But nothing to strong to make you feel tipsy (or maybe, I just have high tolerance to alcohol?)
Always drink moderately.  
Cocktail with Chili Akrotiri Restaurant Commercenter Alabang
Toasting for the successful journey to the South of Manila with Rodel Flordeliz and Edward Santos

Truly,  Akritori is  a  unique  destination  that  delivers  an  exciting  culinary  experience  from different  coastal  food  cultures  all  over  the  world. 
Akrotiri Modern Eurasian Restaurant in Commerce Center Alabang
Thank you for having us! 
photo grabbed from @rodelflordeliz
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Akrotiri Modern Eurasian Restaurant 
Ground Floor, Commercenter,
1780 Commerce Corner Filinvest Avenue,
Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City

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