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Soothies Foot Care | Foot Spa at Home

November 4, 2018
Soothies Foot Care | Foot Spa at Home
Soothies Foot Care | Foot Spa at Home
One of the things that I enjoy after travel is a foot spa!
The endless walking and exploration always calls for an hour of foot and leg relaxation. If I don’t get a day staying at home, I usually go for an hour of foot spa. I hate the feeling of dry and cracked heels. So I always make sure that I schedule a foot spa – or if I get really busy, I do it at home.
It was timely to discover this new foot spa line – Soothies Foot Care!

Soothies Foot Care | Foot Spa at Home
Soothies Foot Scrub
Php 149 200 grams
The Soothies Foot Scrub is made of shea butter, peppermint oil, and honey extract. It exfoliates the feet, removing dead skin cells and smoothens rough areas of the feet. You simply soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes and gently massage it with Soothies Foot Scrub. 
Soothies Foot Care | Foot Spa at Home
I love its cooling effect as it hydrates and softens the skin. After my scrub, I can still feel its cooling, tingling sensation. The scent reminds me of the spa experience. 

Soothies Moisturizing Cream
Php 99 50 ml

Soothies Moisturizing Cream is made with shea and coconut butter, with hint of peppermint oil and rosemary extract. These ingredients help relieves stress and fatigue.
Soothies Foot Care | Foot Spa at Home
I apply the Soothies Moisturizing Cream after the scrub – covering my whole feet for a more relaxing feeling. I love that it comes in travel-sized tube that I can bring it even during travels. I use different lotions for different parts of the body, and the Soothies Moisturizing Cream is my current fave for my feet. 

Soothies Foot Balm
Php 140 40 grams

You probably heard how Petroleum Jelly can help soothe cracked heels. This Soothies Foot Balm works the same way. It is made with peppermint, tsubaki, rosemary and lavander oils, with natural anti-bacterial and healing properties.
Soothies Foot Care | Foot Spa at Home

The Soothies Foot Balm is best applied to heels or surfaces of the foot with dry skin. It also helps in reducing odor. You only need to apply a small amount and thoroughly apply in the heel or affected area. 

Soothies Foot Powder
Php 139 150 grams

To ensure that our feet are well-taken cared of even when outside, you have to apply Soothies Foot Powder. It is made of tea tree oil which naturally eliminates odor-causing bacteria and fungi, while keeping the feet cool and dry.

Soothies Foot Care | Foot Spa at Home
Here’s a trick, I also sometimes use the foot powder to deodorize my shoes. 

Soothies Cooling Spray
Php 129 50 ml
I just recently bought a foot cooling spray from a local brand, and I am glad that Soothies also has the same product. I just love using products from the same line and brand.
Soothies Foot Care | Foot Spa at Home
Soothies Foot Cooling Spray gives a relaxing feeling to a tired feet – especially when using closed shoes. It is made with jojoba and rosemary extracts that removes odor-causing bacteria leaving feet cool and refreshed (especially while resting and before you take a night shower).
I really love this new line of affordable products (nothing above Php 150!). I can get a foot spa at home anytime I want, and Soothies Foot Care products provide the same exfoliation and smoothness to the skin (minus the massage – must look for a partner who can do good massage). 
Soothies Foot Care products are available at WatsonsPersonal Care Stores!
I am jumping once again and ready for the next adventure!
Soothies Foot Care | Foot Spa at Home
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