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Fight Premature Ageing with Anlene + New Flavor White Coffee

March 7, 2019
Anlene White Coffee
Today, I learned that my metabolic age is 3 years younger than my real age. Last year, it was 10 years younger – so I am confused if I should be happy or sad. But bottom line is, I have a healthy body. 
Did you know that 60% of the Filipino workforce is ageing prematurely? It means that their body age (biological age depending on overall health and fitness) is older than their real age. These are just one of the things I learned during the event hosted by Anlene Philippine last March 7, 2019 at Manila House in BGC. 

Anlene White Coffee
The usual causes of premature ageing are:
Lack of sleep
Lack of water intake
Lack of exercise
And it is said that sitting is a lot more health-threatening than smoking (this is not to say smoking is good). 

Bianca King graced the event and I was surprised to know that she is already 33! She is aging so well and she shared how important sleeping is for our body. I agree on this – and I treat sleep as luxury. I always make sure I get 8 hours of sleep everyday. 
Anlene White Coffee
Aside from sleep, our body also needs protein and calcium. Studies show that balf of Filipinos are not getting enough protein, while 90% don’t get enough calcium which can lead to bone, muscle and joint deterioration  and weakness. 
Just the thought of it really alarms me. I always say that I need to stay strong so I can do more things and go more places. 
Anlene White Coffee
Soccer Players Phil Younghusband and Anton Del Rosario were also in the event. They have a metabolic age of 17 years old!!! 😮😮😮
Anlene White Coffee
Facts and Figures
Anlene White Coffee
We had dessert with Anlene!
Always love the set-up from this PR agency
Many of us (even younger ones) get busy with work, lifestyle and relationships that we tend to forget to take care of our body. 
Thankfully, there’s Anlene which has been a trusted brand for 30 years. Anlene has championed healthy ageing among adults of all ages (my mom drinks Anlene!). Anlene offers a range of mil products that strengthen bones, joints, and muscles to enable movement that’s critical to healthy ageing. Each glass of Anlene provides you with:
Twice the calcium of regular milk and 100% of an adult’s daily calcium needs. 
High protein to muscle development.
Collagen, unlike other milk brands. 
Anlene White Coffee
Anlene White Coffee
I am guilty that I do not drink milk. I only get milk from milk tea. But thankfully, Anlene just released a new flavor: White Coffee! I am so excited to incorporate it in my diet and lifestyle. 
As part of Anlene’s advocacy to help Filipinos become more aware about their body’s age, Anlene will be supporting the Care BPO Healthy Lifestyle Caravan – a DOH – led campaign to promote healthy lifestyle among BPO workers. They will be visiting offices and partnering with local government units utilizing Tanita’s Body Composition Analyzer. The machine will help determine not just your body’s metabolic age, but also bone density, muscle mass, fat mass and body water percentage. There will also be free consultation. Tag your friends who work on BPO on this post!
Check out for more information
I hope you learned new things today guys. Til the next event!
Anlene White Coffee
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Thank you so much Anlene for having me!

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