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Winning Everyday Through Self-Care and Detox

March 11, 2019
Winning Everyday Through Self-Care and Detox
Self-care is no longer just about an escape or vacation  – but enjoying the little time recovering from many stresses of everyday life. 
In reality, we do not always have the luxury of time to rest or recover because everyday is filled with surprises and challenges (sometimes once in a life time experiences). We always have to be prepared for whatever will come our way (and whatever we will read in our inbox). In addition, we play different roles for people who are important to us – we are a daughter/son, a friend, a lover – and we have to take care of our relationships with others because these also affect our well-being. 

It is essential to always have the energy and enthusiasm towards things that come our way. I learned these things through the different struggles I encountered. I remember always feeling tired and struggling after a project/travel – and I would laze around for days, until my work piles up and I would miss get-together with friends.  It is not a good practice.  So here I am, sharing some of the detox and self-care routines I do to help me recover easily and win everyday.
1. Celebrate Small Wins! 
Be it accomplishing an errand or catching up with a friend. Celebrate small wins because it motivates us to keep going and prepare us to bigger tasks. 
2.  Enjoy more with less.
I still indulge in my favorite snacks like Cheetos and chocolates, but I try to take them in minimal amount. I also try to spend less time watching Netflix. I do it reward system and I only watch a movie/episode after finishing a task. Discipline is a wonderful thing.
3. The joy of missing out.
I am now okay to say no to events or travel that I do not feel like going to. I am okay to not plan any travels to some place just because everyone is going there. I am now living on my own phase (and sometimes delayed Instagram Stories) to enjoy each moment and experiences – and cherish moments with my friends/family, and myself. 
4. I take Snow Caps L-Glutathione a.k.a. The Master Oxidant. 
I am going back to taking Snow Caps L-Glutathione especially during busier days. You might be familiar with Glutatione as a whitening product, but it is actually a detoxifying agent. 
Winning Everyday Through Self-Care and Detox Snow Caps Review 2019
Glutathione is an important anti-oxidant in our body. It detoxify chemicals, including some that our body creates naturally, as well as pollutants and drugs. It cleanses and detoxifies the liver, and the whitening effect is just a side-effect. 
Winning Everyday Through Self-Care and Detox Snow Caps Review 2019
However, not all Glutathione is the same. It is important to buy L-glutathione, also called “Reduced Glutathione” and is the most bioavailable, meaning the body will readily absorb them and effectively. 
Winning Everyday Through Self-Care and Detox Snow Caps Review 2019

Snow Caps is a trusted L-Glutathione brand. I take it when I need to get more get more energy and recover. Just last week, I was already feeling sick and would need to stay home for a couple of days. However, since I have commitments, I couldn’t cancel and postpone. I started taking Snow Caps, and I am surprised that I felt better after a few days (during these times, I rested and slept earlier – I listened to my body). My mom was predicting I would be sick and coughing for weeks, but I recovered without taking any medicine (I am not the type who always take medicine at the first sign of fever).

I was able to meet up with friends and even attended a concert last night (after a tiring whole day schedule). 
Winning Everyday Through Self-Care and Detox Snow Caps Review 2019
Glutathione truly helps in boosting our immune system and fight off illness. I heard that it also helps fight impotence and improves fertility.  Our body produces Glutathione; however, production seems to decrease as we get older, add external factors such as stress and pollution. 
Winning Everyday Through Self-Care and Detox Snow Caps Review 2019
It doesn’t hurt to take Snow Caps L-Glutathione and make it a part of your wellness starter pack. Make sure that you take a good brand of Glutathione such as Snow Caps.  By taking one capsule regularly, you’ll surely get fast positive results in less than 6 weeks!

Check out for more information about Snow Caps. 
Instagram: @snowcaps_ph

Snow Caps Premium 500mg Glutathione capsule contains 500mg of premium L-Glutathione plus Alpha Lipolic Acid (100mg) and Vit C(100mg) which helps boost the body’s natural ability to synthesize glutathione. FDA approved FR# 64597. 

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