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Huawei Watch Fit Review | Fitness Watch Below Php 5,000

October 17, 2020
Ruth dela Cruz Huawei Watch Fit Review

Huawei Watch Fit Review | Fitness Watch Below Php 5,000

If you are searching for a smart fitness watch that is a good Apple Watch alternative, the new Huawei Watch Fit would be my top recommendation. Aside from its very affordable price at Php 4,999 (around $100), there are a lot to talk about the new Huawei Watch Fit. 

Ruth dela Cruz Huawei Watch Fit Review

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I think a new fitness watch is all I needed to get me starting (again) to my fitness journey. I have been a loyal user of the Huawei GT 2 watch, but I failed miserably at getting fit and strong. The quarantine made me more glued on my chair, taking less steps everyday. I received the Huawei Watch Fit in Mint Green and its fun, youthful design is a good starter for fitting in my workout clothes again. 

Ruth dela Cruz Huawei Watch Fit Review

I briefly talked about the new Huawei Watch Fit on my unboxing blog, but here, let me share with you my experience using the new fitness watch.

Ruth dela Cruz Huawei Watch Fit Review

Fun, Playful Design and Display

I was actually thinking how I could wear and style the Huawei Watch Fit (Mint Green) but I guess it goes well with my usual ensemble of rock band shirts. The other colors are Black and Cantalope Orange. The box comes with just one strap, but I am guessing you can interchange it with other standard fitness watch straps. 

Ruth dela Cruz Huawei Watch Fit Review

The silicon strap is light and soft. It feels easy on the skin and very light too. It features 2.5D glass on all sides and there is one button on the side. It has an AMOLED display which produces nice, vibrant screen and animations. I love that I can still see the screen even under the sunlight. It just makes things feels premium. 

Ruth dela Cruz Huawei Watch Fit Review

The sensors are located at the back (together with the 2 charging buttons). To be honest, it looks very fitness watch for me. But Huawei makes sure that we can be playful with the face watches – and I love the variety of available face watches you can download. 

Ruth dela Cruz Huawei Watch Fit Review

Navigating is easy with quick swipe left and right to access info like Heart Rate, Stress Level, Weather, Music and Steps. Swipe Up to see notifications, and Swipe Down for quick access to Settings. A quick push on the side button would give you access to other different features like Workout Routines, Workout Records, Sleep Tracker, SpO2, Breathing Exercises, and the usual smartwatch features like Flash Light, Timer, and Remote Shutter. 

Easy Set Up for Huawei Watch Fit

Setting Up the Huawei Watch Fit is easy. You simply download the Huawei Health app via Google Play and iOS. You connect your Huawei Watch Fit via Bluetooth and you can have detailed access to your health metrics. 

Ruth dela Cruz Huawei Watch Fit Review
Checking the Sleep Monitor Report. 
I am not getting my usual 8 hours of sleep for the past week.

I love that Huawei keeps all the useful features of its Huawei Wearables in the new Huawei Watch Fit. I really like the Sleep Tracker which gives me info how well (or bad) I slept. Recently, I am not completing my 8 hours of sleep – and I could read in the app the percentage and hours slept. 

Ruth dela Cruz Huawei Watch Fit Review
Heart Rate spikes when I talked about my crush. Haha

Helpful Animated Workout Coach

What makes the Huawei Watch Fit special is the Animated Workout Coach. You simply go to Fitness Courses, and from there you can choose different exercises routines based on your body needs and fitness goals. Here are the options: 

Ruth dela Cruz Huawei Watch Fit Review

Exercise at Work

Burn-Fat Fast

Full Body Stretch

Strengthen Lungs and Heart

Advanced Chest Workout

Ab Toning

Ab Ripper

Core Workout

Leg and Glute Toning

Leg Workout

Ruth dela Cruz Huawei Watch Fit Review

The workouts I have tried are simple and basic compared to the fitness videos you can see in Youtube, but it helps me stay moving and active. It shows a preview of the exercises and counts one to three, buzz to alert you to start and buzz once more to let you know it is the end of the set. I find it really helpful especially if you do not have access to the internet and need variety of workout routines. Let’s admit that we sometimes get tired and bored when we do usual exercises. While doing the routines, it monitors your heart rate, calories burned and workout time. 

Amazing Battery Life

The Huawei Watch Fit can last up to 10 days which is really nice for me. I admit I hate doing simple tasks for preparation – like always charging gadgets and fitness watches. I conserve energy by turning off the watch display – and since my nephew loves the Raise to Wake function, I am keeping the setting that way. 

Ruth dela Cruz Huawei Watch Fit Review
Ruth dela Cruz Huawei Watch Fit Review

I love that there is also just one cable to keep to charge the Huawei Watch Fit. For those who tend to forget to charge their fitness watch before going out (it always happens to me!), you can charge the Huawei Watch Fit for only 5 minutes and the juice life can last you for up to whole day. Again, amazing feature!

Ruth dela Cruz Huawei Watch Fit Review
The Huawei Watch Fit is so smart that it probably detected 
it was my first time to workout again after a month, and my recover hours was 28 hours! 
I usually get 8 or 10 hours. 

The Verdict

I am surprised that Huawei offered the same features of its Huawei Wearables through the Huawei Watch Fit that is lighter both on the arm and pocket. The Huawei Watch Fit actually even offered more features (the Animated Workout Coach rocks!). 

I am not the type who would instantly get a square watch (with a colored strap at that), but I love how Huawei managed to offer a design and color that still goes perfectly stylish with my favorite rock band shirts. 

I would recommend it to someone who needs a durable fitness watch who is not yet ready to splurge on more expensive fitness watches. 

Ruth dela Cruz Huawei Watch Fit Review
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The Huawei Watch Fit is sold at Php 4,999 and available online via Shopee. 

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