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Happy Suga Day + Purple 7 Cafe Suchwita Set

March 25, 2023

When I posted Instagram Stories about how we celebrated International Women’s Day/Suga Day, my friend from Mexico replied and asked, what is the meaning of Suga Day?

“Suga Day” is a fan celebration of BTS Suga’s birthday, which is on March 9th. Suga Babes or “Yoongi stans,” use this day to express their love and appreciation for him through various social media posts, fan projects, and donations to charities in his name.

After a few exchanges, he told me that he likes BTS and he is also a fan of Kdramas (miss you, BaPak Javier!)

I rarely participate in this type of activity. I personally do not celebrate my own birthday. 😀 But it was a good day to connect with beautiful Army friends, and enjoy a day to just relax and fangirl.

Suga Concert Outfit Suchwita Set
All black. 🖤 What I would possibly wear on a date with Suga (concert). Haha

It might take me hours to tell you the whole story of how I became a BTS Army. I “enlisted” during the Dynamite Era.

I have heard of them, watched their interviews, and seen their performances. Suga was the first guy that I noticed. He looks so beautiful, unreal, and indifferent.

With every new content I consumed (as recommended by the algorithm) on Youtube and Facebook, I found myself liking and relating to each BTS member. But I always knew I am drawn to Suga – the multi-talented artist who is usually savage, and sometimes funny.

I know this blog entry sounded like I am writing and describing a Significant Other. 😂 I can be passionate like that about people/things/topics I am interested in. I can talk endlessly about Suga, but saving all the feels for another day. I just wanted to just share photos from the pre-Suga Day celebration with my Army friends.

I had an afternoon hang-out with friends at our favorite BTS Themed-Cafe – Purple 7 Cafe.

Tip: check out Purple 7 Cafe’s socials to be updated on store hours, reservations, and event schedules.

We love the photo wall installation depicting the set of Suga’s talk show, Suchwita. I also brought my favorite drink, rootbeer.

Happy Suga Day Suchwita Set BTS Themed Cafe

Suga Concert Outfit Suchwita Set Minimalist BTS Tattoo
BTS Suga Tattoo

Happy Suga Day Suchwita Set BTS Themed Cafe
I wore my Black Converse Chuck Taylor.

Happy Suga Day Suchwita Set BTS Themed Cafe
Photocard from the Season’s Greeting set I bought + Shooky PC Holder from @anagon.

Happy Suga Day Suchwita Set BTS Themed Cafe
Purple 7 Cafe serves coffee, pasta, and cakes.
I had the usual Iced Americano and Lasagna.

Happy Suga Day Suchwita Set BTS Themed Cafe
Photo with the birthday boy.

Happy Suga Day Suchwita Set BTS Themed Cafe
August D cupcakes for #HappySugaDay

Happy Suga Day Suchwita Set BTS Themed Cafe
Fun day with these beautiful ladies. 💜

Suga Concert Outfit Idea Suchwita Set Suchwita Set BTS Themed  Ruth dela Cruz
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BTS Themed Cafe #Purple7CafePH 💜 and new photo wall for Jack in the Box 🃏Thank you Army friends for indulging me ☺️ #HappyHobiDay #BTS #BTSArmyph #HappyBirthdayJhope #JackintheBox #BTSCafe #traveltiktok #ruthilicious

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Happy Suga Day 🖤😻🎂 Fun day with friends at this Suchwita Set 🥂 #HappySugaDay #happybirthdayyoongi #BTSarmyph #Suga #AugustD #Suchwita

♬ 대취타 – Agust D

Purple 7 Cafe
37 Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City, Philippines

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