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[Review] Transitions Signature Lenses

February 15, 2015

I always wonder how, people who wear eyeglasses see clearly when they wear sunglasses? How do they protect their eyes from the sun glares if they only have eyeglasses?

These are the questions that were running in the head of someone who once had a 20/20 vision. The curiosity did kill the cat. I am now in the same situation as most people who wear eyeglasses. 
For those who didn’t know, I do wear eyeglasses. I have difficulty focusing and reading especially after letting my eyes work for hours in front of the computer. Unlike, most of the girls who look cute with their eyeglasses on, it is the opposite for me. Thus, I seldom wear it outside. There are times though when I need to wear it to be able to function (read, see clearly, focus, etc). But, sometimes, wearing a pair of eyeglasses is not enough to protect your eyes from squinting (because of the sun). I needed a pair that can help me see clearly and protect my eyes. 
The hero and savior came in the name of Transitions Signature adaptive lenses. 

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My eyeglasses had undergone a makeover and was installed with Transitions Signature adaptive lenses!

For those who have not heard yet, Transitions Optical Lenses are like two-in-one lenses that transform into sunglasses when under the sun.  

There are different kinds of Transitions Optical Lens and the one that I got is more advanced. It is fully clear when indoors, and easily darkens when outside. It is based on the Chromea7TM photochromic Technology and Life360TM testing process through more than 1000 scenarios. They are tested in real life situations instead of inside the laboratory where lenses are only heated. This way, the lenses are able to adapt according to the lighting of the environment.

The lenses get darker even from light reflected from buildings, cars, and many other surfaces. I took some snapshots of my eyeglasses with Transitions Signature 7 Lenses on two different tips to share with you my review and experience.

Transitions Signature Adaptive Lenses on a Cloudy Day

As soon as I got my eyeglasses, I took it with me to the Sky Ranch. I love that Transitions Signature 7 has lenses for the type of frame that I am using. They also have available sizes for kids’ frames.

I was surprised when the Transitions Signature adaptive lenses started to darken instantly (unlike most of the other Transitions Lenses I have seen which need full sun rays to make it fully dark). My friends thought I was wearing sunglasses and they even got more surprised when it turned clear when we went indoors – in an instant!

My frame is quite flexible to any kind of ensemble 🙂
My #ootd

Transitions Signature Adaptive Lenses on a Sunny Day

I noticed that the Transitions Signature Adaptive Lenses darkened quickly during sunnier days. I have read somewhere that these lenses were tested in over 200 real life conditions in various locations around the world. Interestingly, the Transitions lens provides consistent performance in all temperature conditions.
The Transitions Signature 7 Lenses are darker during sunnier days

Lookie, it easily turned into clear lens when we went back under the tent

Most of the people thought I was wearing normal sunglasses whenever I am out. This time, I want to share how it helps me see clearly and do things.  

Ready, Aim, Shoot!

We were not directly under the sun – on a shaded area, and the Transitions Lens gave a light tint even my face is away from the sun
With the new Transitions Signature Adaptive Lenses, I was able to see clearly and focus on my target. This is something that I wouldn’t be able to do if I were wearing a normal sunglasses. If you want to know how well I did at the opening of the Outdoor Archery at Sandbox, read here
The Transitions Signature 7 Lenses are perfect for people who are always on the go. It makes things simpler and eliminates the need to change sunglasses and eyeglasses. I noticed that it has greater sensitivity and darkens/clears at the smallest change in lighting. These changes do not affect your focus or view. The transition is smooth. 

What do I love about the Transitions Signature Adaptive Lenses
 ♥ It fits different lens shape and frame.
 ♥ There are available lenses for the kids.
 ♥ Greater sensitivity that easily darkens/lightens
 ♥ It was tested in different countries and actual environment condition.
 ♥ It is good for tropical countries.
 ♥ It has UV protection.
 ♥ Responsive to hotter temperature.
If you want to see how the Transitions Signature 7 Lenses look in video – check this out:

What do you think of  Transitions Signature Adaptive Lenses?
Do you know anyone who use Transitions Lenses?

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