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Weddings at Aristocrat

September 10, 2015
Finally! I am getting married!
I wish I could say that with feelings the next time I write that line in my blog. 
Okay, so my title is a bit misleading. Maybe I am getting married. But not anytime soon. Unlike most of the girls who imagined and dreamed of their perfect wedding when they were little, getting married/walking down the aisle never really crossed my mind. Don’t get me wrong. I love weddings. I love witnessing unions of love and seeing two people gazing at each other and cannot seem to wait to spend the rest of their lives together. 
When I was a little girl, all the best weddings happened in Aristocrat. Everyone seemed to want to hold the reception in Aristocrat. My sister also dreamed of booking a wedding reception but it was under renovation at that time. 
The last time I was in Aristocrat, it is like the old Aristocrat I have been many years ago. Most of the guests are dressed in barong and white laces. The mood is festive. The food is (and will always be) superb. After so many years, Aristocrat is still everyone’s favorite reception place for weddings.  
Aristocrat recently hold a Wedding Expo and I was there together with friends and “my groom”. Does anyone remember this proposal? 
Read about the “proposal”.
So, let’s continue the #bloggingserye (as #nognoginthecity calls it)..

Aristocrat invited businesses to showcase their products and services. I was pleasantly surprised! The Dona Engracia Hall which is a favorite function room for  weddings, parties, debuts and events was transformed into a showroom. From the plain table set-up, designers and event organizers can put a show with such elegant design.

Look at the tiered cake too and the selection of bridal gowns!
Food is served of course by Aristocrat. During the event we had Aristocrat’s favorites like Callos, BBQ, Sotanghon and Lumpiang Ubod.  I love that couples can choose from variety of sets depending on the budget. Aristocrat even offers customized packages for meals as low as Php150/person.  For a more relaxed events and weddings, Aristocrat even offers BBQ party packages and on-the-spot cooking! How cool!

Aristocrat Shaw Blvd can also host wedding events.

Yes, Aristocrat delivers! Check out my review of Aristocrat Delivery!
Connect with Aristocrat if you wish to book a wedding reception.
If you need guests, we are happy to celebrate with you. Just kidding!
Post your pictures with hashtag #AristocratPh!
Would love to see them! 

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