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Azalea Boracay: Our Home in a Rainy December

December 22, 2015
azalea boracay
Azalea Boracay: Our Home in a Rainy December 
The night before we settled in our rooms in Azalea Boracay, we already knew that our flights back to Manila on Tuesday was cancelled. It was a #goodweird feeling.  Good that we would still get to enjoy the island or at least the hotel for another day – but part of me was worried for our blogger friends who have day job.
It reminded me of the time when I was still working for corporate and I had to deal with filing leaves, working from home and endorsing your work. It makes me more proud of the choices I made for my life 🙂
azalea boracay
I might probably jump out of the bed if I found it in my room and ask myself if I had too much beer last night?!  I found this specimen on the other room – we stayed in a two-bedroom suite room remember?
In the morning, we still got the chance to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. We had a quick breakfast in Obama and the boys checked out the “secret beach” that Melo has suggested.
azalea boracay
While I, Pax, Paul and Ana just enjoyed the “usual” Boracay scene.
We had lunch at Talipapa. It is a must-not-miss food place if it is your first time in Boracay. You basically order from the market and ask a restaurant to cook for you. A bit pricey but worth the experience.
In the afternoon, we decided to hit the beach. We joined Ana in the beach and we just enjoyed playing with the waves. 
azalea boracay
Love the island vibe! (salamat sa tripod! Taken using Rodel’s Fuji Camera)
azalea group getaway boracay
azalea group getaway boracay
Thank you Ana for pushing me to take a dip! And for the waterproof case! I should bring mine next time. Di ko naisip yun! Haha
We were feeling a bit hopeless at catching the sunset, so we decided to transfer at the roof deck pool of Azalea Boracay.
It was fun just chilling and playing with water (and trying to do creative shots!) Haha.
I love that we felt like we owned the pool that afternoon. There was staff in the pool to ensure that we are safe and we maintain the cleanliness of the pool. Guests are required to come in swimming attire though. 
azalea group getaway boracay
I don’t want to explain how this happened. Haha
The most precious thing was catching the sunset from the roof deck! A different view from the usual shadows of palm and coconut trees.
azalea group getaway boracay
We were supposed to have dinner at the Spider House but we super enjoyed the pool. We decided to have dinner at Gasthof as suggested by Melo. We love the Baby Back Ribs! 
We invited the group to have movie night with us! But first, we visited Budget Mart to buy some essentials and a Cali for Rodel (just because!)
Azalea Boracay was so nice to send this to our room! But, hey we only got to drink one can each. Haha
We had a fun night watching Hotel Transylvania that everyone had a funny comment in every scene and character’s reaction! Should we blame Melo’s Monster Cookies for this? Haha I don’t think I would enjoy the movie that much if I watched it alone 🙂 Thank you guys!!! 
Thanks @anagon for the pic!
The following day is another chill day for us. We had a quick breakfast at Kuya J’s. I didn’t feel like going out so I decided to just work on one blog post. It was a good decision to bring my Yoga 3 Pro with me during this travel. I usually don’t bring a laptop for local trips unless it would be for days. 
We hijacked Melo’s room for late lunch. We had paluto  and we had a feast inside Melo’s Room!
I was so touched and happy to see Mug rootbeer! They probably thought I always ask restaurants if they have rootbeer (and they offer beer) 🙂
Someone’s phone just landed on the bowl of Kare-kare 🙂 
Rodel took the confidence to bring one bottle to our room! Hehe
After lunch, we went for a quick walk. It was my first time to see and experience Boracay at this state. 
azalea group getaway boracay
At night, we had dinner at the Spider House. 
It was my first time in Spider House. It is good to be able to discover something new in this trip.
My Guam-y Bears! 
Love this two because we understand each other’s joke. I seldom get to see Myke during events but he’s always fun to be with. Melo on the other hand is one of the most humble bloggers I ever met. 🙂 
Two of my favorite guys in the universe – Rodel and Paul
We shared pizza, pasta and lots of crazy stories and jokes. I think they enjoyed my spider x loveliness jokes. Haha
I want to go back to this place when the sun is still up. Ana said that the sunset is a lot more beautiful in this part of Boracay.
We ended the night with a relaxing in-room massage. You can call for a service and have it done in your room. What a great way to end the trip! I requested for an early wake-up call in which the concierge actually went up to our room to knock (so we I would really get up and wake up). Melo requested for wakeup call of 5 am (which I thought was our call time) Hehe.
Nonetheless, I enjoyed the last few hours in my room just being lazy. It was always the same feeling after every trip, I don’t want to go back home 🙂
It is good to discover this hotel in Boracay where I can bring my family and friends. 
I just hope they will continuously provide excellent service – bloggers or not 🙂

 Here’s a good news: frequent holiday goers may likewise opt to become members of the Azalea Vacation Club (AVC), a premier holiday membership provider that grants members exclusive perpetual vacation rights in all Azalea Hotels and Residences properties. Email [email protected] or call (02) 634-7742.

The Azalea bellboys even joined us on our trip to Kalibo airport (because the guys have so much luggage Haha). 
Thank you so much Azalea Boracay for taking care of us and for being our home during the rainy December in Boracay!
azalea group getaway boracay
Pic from Anagon 🙂 
azalea group getaway boracay
I cannot wait to go back!
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