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Spuds and Dairy Cup 2019 + Chicken and Mashed Potato Bake Recipe

September 26, 2019
Real California Cheese Recipe
Spuds and Dairy Cup 2019 + My Own Dish
Life lately is all about challenging myself how to use the available ingredients at home. My friend is teasing me that I am becoming a Domesticated Goddess. I like that I am improving and learning – I should actually be doing better coz I had an early start in the kitchen learning about cooking rules when I was in College.

Spuds and Dairy Cup 2019
At the recent Spuds and Dairy Culinary Cup presented by Potatoes USA and Real California Milk, teams were challenged to come up with their own creative dishes. I remember having these kinds of challenges in College, and even during events and product launches.  What makes the Spuds and Dairy Culinary Cup more unique is that the chefs were not allowed to touch or prepare the ingredients – they could only guide the students on how to prepare and cook. They were given a budget of Php 5,000 and 30 minutes to do grocery shopping. Then, an hour and 30 minutes to prepare, cook and plate their dishes.  
Spuds and Dairy Cup 2019
Potato Dish of Chef James and Erik Roy San Luis of CCA 
U.S. Potato Nori Waffle and Potato Crusted Chicken Sliders, Coleslaw with US Potato Shoestring Crisps, Barbeque Sauce, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Miso-Maple Syrup 
Spuds and Dairy Cup 2019
Chef James Antolin and Erik Roy San Luis of CCA 

Spuds and Dairy Cup 2019
DDairy Dish of Chef Sharwin and Meriel Salenga of DLSU-Dasmarinas 
Ube Mascarpone and Blue Cheese Bibingka 
Spuds and Dairy Cup 2019
Meriel Salenga of DLSU-Dasmarinas and Chef Sharwin Tee 
It reminded me of the time we were challenged by #PotatoesUSA to come up with an original dish. We were teamed with restaurant chefs.  I could imagine the pressure that they felt during the competition.
Spuds and Dairy Cup 2019
Best U.S. Potato Dish: Chef Victor Barangan and Ria Garcia (student of Enderun Colleges)
Prize: Php 100,000.00 each
Category: Breakfast / Brunch
Name of dish: Potato Royale, Potato Foam, Potato Tuile, Scotch Egg
Spuds and Dairy Cup 2019

Best California Dairy Dish: Chef James Antolin and Erik Roy San Luis (student of Center for Culinary Arts Manila)
Prize: Immersion Program at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, California
Category: Bar Food
Name of dish: Mozzarella Wrapped Salmon with Smoked Cheese Infused Citrus Sauce, Grilled Vegetable Salad, Ricotta-Almond Crumbs and Potato Tuille
Congratulations to the winners!
Now, I was also challenged to come up with my own dish using U.S. potatoes and California dairy products. 

Took me days to finally decided on Chicken and Mashed Potato Bake. I want a dish that I can eat anytime of the day – filling, healthy and easy to make.  

Chicken and Mashed Potato Bake
Real California Cheese Recipe
You will need: 
500 grams Chicken Breast
1 tsp Crushed Garlic 
1 tbsp Cornflour 
1 tbsp Olive Oil 
1 cup Corn Kernels frozen
 1/2 cup Real California Cheese, grated
1 tsp Salt And Pepper to taste 
2 cups Chicken Stock add more as needed 
1 Brown Onion chopped finely
500 grms.  US Potatoes Dehydrated (flakes)
1 Bar Butter
700 ml milk
2000 ml water
The original recipe notes cooking mashed potato using fresh potatoes. I have US Dehy at home and I used it to make mashed potato. It helped me cut down cooking time to half! You can learn more about US Dehy through my blog here. 
(Forgive the mess in the kitchen. I had to do all the preparation, cooking and baking 
– and picture-taking).

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. 
2. Prepare mashed potato: boil water, salt and butter. After boiling, remove from heat and add milk. Gradually add US Dehy while folding (don’t mix). 
Real California Cheese Recipe
Taking a break from folding to take photo!
Love how I can instantly create mashed potato! 
3. Sautee garlic and onions, then add Chicken Breast. Add chicken stock and corn kernels. Dissolve corn flour in water and mix in the chicken. 
Real California Cheese Recipe
I chose chicken breast because meat is leaner. 
Real California Cheese Recipe
I used Real California Cheese Cheddar
(don’t forget to look for the Real California Milk seal!)
Real California Cheese Recipe
You can be generous with the cheese sprinkle!
4. Pour the chicken mixture in a baking pan. Add dollop of mashed potato, then top with Real California Cheese. 
5. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the top layer bubbles. 
This dish is good for when you have guests or friends visiting. 
Simple, easy and filling!
Real California Cheese Recipe
What are your favorite US Potatoes and Real California Milk recipes? 

Want to create your own potato and dairy dishes? Visit the Potatoes USA Philippines or the Real California Milk Philippines Facebook pages to learn more about U.S. potatoes and California dairy.

Follow Real California Milk on Instagram @realcaliforniamilkphl. 

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