September 28, 2016

Get Paid While Shopping Online via Shopback

Shopback Philippines review

I love online shopping even before shops like Zalora, Lazada, Galleon and group-buying sites have opened in the Philippines. I am always on the look out for discounts and promo codes that I can use to get better deals with every transaction. Most often I get discounts or freebies. 

I recently discovered a site called ShopBack that would allow me to earn while shopping. It works like a rebate program. I shop and get my money. 

September 27, 2016

Cloud 9 Moments

Cloud 9 Moments

Share Your Cloud 9 Moments

I cannot count how many times I felt like I was in Cloud 9. Simple things make me happy and I always celebrate even small achievements. 
Special moments can happen anytime, anywhere - and even though there is social media, I still choose to live the moment and enjoy every minute of it. 

September 26, 2016

How to Make Mondays Better?

How to Make Mondays Better?

I still remember how my Mondays would feel and look back when I was still in corporate - hundreds of unread emails, meetings, client calls and trainings. Sometimes it could be worse with escalations and audit defects. But my Mondays would always start with a cup of coffee and quick catch up with friends and co-workers.

September 25, 2016

New Oishi Great Lakes Juice Flavors

New Oishi Juice Great Lakes Flavors

A big wooden box (+ another box) arrived on our doorstep just when I was about to leave and see the Maclemore concert last Thursday. Bloggermails always make me happy. I only got the time to unearth what's inside - Oishi Great Lakes Juice Packs!!!

Current Fave: BluAnt Ozone Wifeless LED Speaker

BluAnt Ozone Wifeless LED Speaker

I love gadgets that are low maintenance - things that can take care of my needs, instead of me taking care of them. I get pretty abusive of the things that I own. But that's how things work. I do not want them to own me. 

Here is one of things I currently love to use and abuse - the new BluAnt Ozone Wireless LED Speaker. 

September 24, 2016

Ride Along Motorcyle Tour: Manila to Zambales via Big Bike

Travel Concierge Philippines Ride Along Motorcycle Tour

Ride Along Motorcyle Tour: Manila to Zambales via Motorcycle Big Bike

I found myself living dangerously again. But the view was amazing as we cruise at high speed of 140 kph. There were no other cars on the road. It was the bluest and clearest sky I have ever seen in the Philippines. The weather was nice and I played it cool. I would have wanted to take my camera to take a selfie but I chose to keep my grip on my partner's leather vest as he drove the fancy big bike. Behind us were 3 other bikes owning the highway. This is Ride Along Motorcycle Tour.