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Ruth dela Cruz is a travel and lifestyle blogger in the Philippines. She loves writing about her travels. Drop her a note at admin@ruthdelacruz.com. The internet knew her as @ruthilicious.

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February 20, 2020

BRIA Homes: Pay Your Monthly Amortization Using GCash

I love paying for bills and shopping via my phone. I use different apps to make life easier for me and help me focus on more important things. 

Interestingly, BRIA Homes partners with GCASH to make paying for monthly amortization dues a lot more easier and convenient for Filipinos. 

February 19, 2020

Spend Php 200 at Ministop and Get Php 50 Cashback with PayMaya

I cannot stop sharing how much I love PayMaya.
And I am so happy to see how it grows and partners with more merchants - which means more deals and cashbacks. 

Grabbing a quick bite or buying some last-minute needed items just got more convenient and rewarding as Ministop joins the growing list of .PayMaya Preferred merchants, where customers can get added treats and perks whenever they pay using PayMaya QR

February 15, 2020

Car Racing in the Philippines: Ablang Rules Philippine Autocross Championship Series

Car Racing in the Philippines: Ablang Rules Philippine Autocross Championship Series

My friend has a fascination with F1 Race, which means that our "dates" cannot be scheduled on a Sunday. But, there are Sundays when we just go home straight to their place so she can catch the telecast on TV.  In the Philippines, racing is also a growing sport. 

Ryan Ablang of Team Autoforce made history again, tagged the Fastest Driver of the Day and
the Open Class Champion in the Philippine Autocross Championship Series (PACS) Round 2 held
February 8, in R33 Trucks, San Simon, Pampanga.

February 12, 2020

Send a CompliMentos: Mentos Cute Packaging

Send a CompliMentos: Mentos Cute Packaging

Send a CompliMentos: Mentos Cute Packaging

It is always a fun time when brands do a fun twist at their products' packaging. It is also a sweet and subtle way for us, consumers to send a message and connect with people we love. 

Mentos, the Philippines' number 1 selling candy in leading supermarkets and convenience
stores today, has kicked off the Mentos CompliMentos campaign which aims to spread positivity
on the insight that sharing compliments is a good way to connect.

February 11, 2020

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Your Guide in Applying for Singapore PR

Whenever I think of planning on migrating to another country, I always think of Singapore as a potential country of destination. I am always curious about the process of applying for a Singapore PR. 

Singapore is actually the first country that gave my passport its first tourist stamp. I remember how amazed I was discovering and exploring the country that is a lot different from my home country - from a world-class public transport system, beautiful urban landscape, and law-abiding citizens (and tourists).  The strong law enforcement translates to a safe city that everyday appears a walk in the park (and I mean, literally, because of the greens around the city). The climate is perfect for those who are used to the tropics.

February 10, 2020

How I Use the Huawei T3 8 Tablet

huawei mediapad t3 8 review lifestyle

How I Use the Huawei T3 8 Tablet 

In my goal to be more intentional with life, I also try to apply minimalism to things that I own, including gadgets. Since my laptop also works like a tablet, I felt that I didn't need to keep a tablet anymore. I see that tablets are mostly used by kids for watching Youtube videos, or businesses like airlines for entertainment.  

For over a year, I only use my laptop, smartphone and camera as part of my daily life to create content, consume information, or get entertained. I didn't know I would ever need another tablet until the Huawei Mediapad T3 8 Tablet arrived at my doorstep.