May 22, 2016

Sudio VASA Earphones: Luxe and Stylish Earphones for Rugged Days

sudio vasa earphones

I never realized that something as rugged as earphones can be so elegant. Until I got my hands on the new Sudio VASA earphones from Digits Trading. The best part? It fits the budget. 

Birdland Beach Club, Bolinao: An Escape Resort

birdland bolinao

The best places in the world would require you to ride a boat in sickening hours, drive until your butt hurts or fly until you no longer feel your legs. 

That's exactly how I felt last week when we visited Bolinao to check out the new resort club - Birdland Beach Club. A 7-hour drive from Manila to Bolinao (less the boat and plane ride - but still it is still 7 hours or maybe 5 hours if Waze have already located the spot), Birdland Beach Club is just right there at the edge of the map. 

May 21, 2016

LashEM Makeup: Double Trouble Mascara

lashem makeup philippines double trouble mascara review

LashEM Makeup now in the Philippines + 
LashEM Makeup Double Trouble Mascara Review

May 20, 2016

Disney Mobile Phones + Globe Plans #SharetheMagic

disney mobile phones globe

Here's another confession: I am a recent Disney convert (thank you to Frozen). I previously wrote on my Disneyland blog post that I am not a fan of Disney. BUT, I went kid crazy when we visited Disneyland. Maybe, there's just always something magical about Disney.

Now, here comes the magic again and working its charm on me. The new Disney Mobile Phones gave me so much excitement! I am not a collector of any Disney items,  BUT. THIS. IS. MAGICAL.

Fun and #GoodWeird Way to (Get Lost) and Tour Barcelona: Go Car Talking Tour

go car barcelona

When in Barcelona, we discovered a #goodweird way to tour the city - via the Go Car Talking Tour!

It is Now or Never: Forever Summer

All systems go and all cars are heading to MOA Concert Grounds tomorrow, May 21, 2016 for the much-anticipated event of the summer: Closeup Forever Summer.