August 29, 2016

Born to Cook Barcelona Cooking Workshop

Attending a cooking workshop is one of the must-do things when in Barcelona. At least, that's what Google and other travel blogs recommend. So here I am sharing my own stories and cooking experience at Born to Cook, Barcelona (and pushing you to make it part of your itinerary). 

Taking you back to #RuthGoestoBarcelona last February. I was excited when I saw Born to Cook Cooking Workshop listed in our 5-day trip in Barcelona.

Travel Vlog: Coron, Palawan with Youtuber Wil Dasovich + Travel Bloggers

Recording Life is a Poor Substitute for Living It - The Geography of Bliss.

... I agree. The very reason I do not do Snap Chats or IG stories. BUT I do record rare/fun/once-in-a-lifetime moments especially during travels. I have a couple of unpublished videos I keep for personal consumption and I always love going back to these old files and memories.

Anyway, I thought I would share some random clips from Coron, Palawan travel this month. We explored the islands with Youtuber Wil Dasovich. He's super fun and he encourages us to vlog more. I wish I were that skilled and talented at recording moments and actually living it. (PS. Belated Happy Birthday Wil!!!)

August 27, 2016

Bird House, Uptown Mall: Fried Chicken + 5 Sauces

bird house uptown mall philippines

Bird House is a new restaurant in Uptown Mall, BGC that serves everyone's favorite comfort food - crispy fried chicken! What makes it different from your favorite chicken house? The variety of sauces you can choose from and the crispy chicken skin that you get on the side!

We got to check out the Bird House in Uptown Mall, BGC before its official opening on Septermber 1, 2016!

August 26, 2016

Bloggermail Friday: 9

Time to unbox #bloggermail /s!!! 
As usual, it is always a joy unwrapping and unboxing these sweet press kits. 

August 24, 2016

The Rock and Roll Life + I Got Chainsmoked!

Life is ... attending two amazing concerts on two consecutive days nights! Have I mentioned that the first night involved 6 international acts? 

One of the most awesome Thursday and Friday nights of my life! The highlights - Third Eye Blind and The Chainsmokers!

August 22, 2016

The Secret Life of Pets McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

The Secret Life of Pets McDonald's Toys

I cannot wait for Friday (Bloggermail Friday) to unbox this sweet gift from McDonald's Philippines!
It looks like the furry pets from the Secret Life of Pets movie have taken their adventure to McDonald's. Collect them all in every McDonald's Happy Meal which officially started last August 20th!