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Trip of Wonders Farewell Dinner and Nightlife in Bali

January 11, 2017
Trip of Wonders Farewell Dinner and Nightllife in Bali
Trip of Wonders Farewell Dinner at Ku De Ta Restaurant and Nightllife in Bali 

Taking off from my last entry from my #TripofWonders #WonderfulIndonesia travel blog series. I think I was not ready to say goodbye to the crew, that even this post was delayed to be published.

From our Bali Cooking Workshop, we battled more than 2 hours traffic back to the hotel. I made it back to the bus in 15 minutes (quick shower + change outfit + 5-minute makeup!). My battery went dead during the Bali Cooking Workshop (#bloggerproblems) so I obviously didn’t have the time to charge my camera. Partly, I didn’t want to capture the sad stories (I was anticipating) that night. We were running to get to the venue before the sunset. Sunsets are the most overated scene in photography (just like sunrise) but that night, it was both beautiful and sad. 
I would never get used to Farewell Dinners. I always get emotional (and crying) during Farewell Dinner. If you could read my mind that night – “when will I ever see these people again?”.  Even seeing the Team Philippines is a little challenge 😀 To be fair with me, I didn’t cry during the Trip of Wonders dinner. Maybe because I know, I was not flying back home alone.

Trip of Wonders Batch 3
Photo Grabbed from Dimas

Rodel and I thought of extending (ah, we should have really decided to extend before the trip started!). We didn’t know we would fall in love with Bali. The cost of the flight was too expensive, we thought we could save more if we plan to visit again. It always happens to me. Deciding to extend the last minute!

After dinner, we headed to La Favela. We were there the night before and was quite surprised when we arrived and found a table set up at the entrance. They didn’t allow @sephcham to get inside because he was wearing “tank top”. @rodelflordeliz and I tried to get in and I told the girls we were there last night. She said that “dress codes are implemented after dinner“. I totally missed that we even came later the night before (around 11). – and it was only 9 pm. The boys ended up buying shirts outside. It was a scam. Don’t get fooled. But do enjoy the music and crowd at La Favela.

We get around in Bali via Uber. But note that, cab drivers in Bali are not very friendly with Uber Drivers. We had to go somewhere far from the “where the party is happening” to get picked up by our Uber Driver on our way back to the hotel. Uber charge is reasonable. For 3km ride, I was only charged around IDR17,000 (USD $1.27)

That is the last memory I want to think of about the Trip of Wonders Batch 3. 
The following morning, we were all feeling sleepy and floating. Haha
My thoughts after the trip.. 
… to be continued. 

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